GOODONYA Hydrate Organic Daily Electrolyte Only 1g of Sugar Pure Ingredients Paleo & Keto Plant Based Vegan Diabetes Friendly Eco-Friendly Lemon (20 Servings)

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HYDRATE is an organic low sugar way to get natural minerals + electrolytes into your body every day. Hydrate tastes REAL because we use REAL food. Almost every drink mix on the market uses flavorings either artificial natural or organic..... they are all very processed. And you can taste the difference! REAL food tastes REAL. Hydrate works amazing and travels well. The 20-serving pouch travels well and pours easily into any size container. It's also very easy to mix up in bulk and keep a pitcher in the fridge. Formulated for daily use Hydrate will help you drink tons more water and PREVENT Dehydration. GOODONYA Hydrate is the highest quality cleanest hydration drink in the universe:) First of all with only a few organic options to choose from that narrows it down quite a bit. And even those contain anti-caking/flow agents and the dreaded "natural" or "organic" flavorings. And some of them have an offensive amount of sugar or artificial sweeteners. For GOODONYA it's all about nature it's all about REAL food and we've nailed it with our ingredients. We've been making food and drinks since 2001 and this is our passion! This is Organic Hydration at its best conveniently in an environmentally friendly package - no plastic and no single serve packets to help save our planet one drink at a time!