Haunted Hill Farm HHFJTWINS-1LSA Haunted Hill 33 in. Groundbreaker Animotronic Zombie Twins, Indoor/Outdoor Halloween Decoration, Multi

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Be afraid. Be very afraid of Haunted Hill’s Pop-Up Groundbreaker collection. Wrath got the best of the Sinister Sisters, and this Halloween, they want the same to happen to you. Their soulless flashing red eyes illuminate the night as their moans float through the darkness. Their cracked cheeks and slender pale hands will horrify all, even the fearless. The sisters wander swiftly on their wheels, desperate for a victim to haunt. Adjust their bendable arms for a variety pf petrifying positions. Their ominous small figures and a will fit seamlessly next to your haunted treats, or can be suspended above your doorway by the included hanging loop. Their creepy movements, chilling voices, and menacing melodies will make their presence alarmingly known no matter where the sisters rest. Don`t be fooled by their childlike features. These sisters are far from innocent...