iSonic DS180 Portable Denture/Aligner/Retainer Cleaner for All Dental and Sleep apnea appliances DC12V AC100-240V Worldwide

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DS180 is portable denture/aligner/retainer cleaner. This is the first DC powered ultrasonic cleaner that surpasses 20W power. Compared to our popular ultrasonic denture/retainer cleaner model F3900 DS180's tank is bigger and fits all dental and sleep apnea appliances including joined appliances. It also has 25% more power at 25W plus full wave sweeping frequency at 36-41K Hz. Therefore its cleaning efficiency is more than doubled than F3900. It is smaller and more portable with a detachable AC adapter. It also uses AC100-240V or DC12V which can be used worldwide. An optional rechargeable battery pack (D180-B) makes it even more portable. It has an optional plastic strainer attached to the lid. Items can be loaded on to the strainer for cleaning and be retrieved easily afterward. Touch sensing control with 3-minute auto shutoff is very easy to use. A plastic strainer can be attached to the lid. Denture and dental appliances can be cleaned in the tank directly. Jewelry can be loaded on to the strainer cleaned and retrieved easily. For DS180-B: to charge the battery make sure to turn the switch to On position. Turn it off when it is not in use.