Jolie Cosmetics Vivid Colors Bold Effect Lipstick - High Pigmented - True Color Consistency - Costumes Cosplay Stage & FIlm Parades Festivals Themed Parties - Cruelty Free - Vegan (Wintergreen)

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You don't have to be a professional makeup artist to achieve that dramatic daring look you've always wanted! We have created our Bold Effect Lipstick with the most Vivid Colors out there to have you rock the boldest lip ever! FULL COVERAGE TRUE COLOR CONSISTENCYHIGH PIGMENTEDPARABEN FREEGLUTEN FREECRUELTY FREEVEGAN Create Iconic Looks Halloween Parades Festivals Cosplay Icy Looks Ever dreamed of becoming an Ice Princess? Create that icy metallic lip look with colors: Icing Mirror Berry Blue. Bold Colors For your next video/photo-shoot go for a bold lip such as shades: Lemon Drop or Serpent. Our Bold Lipstick is camera approved! Application Tip Prime your lips with a lip balm before and after applying our Bold Effect Lipsticks to avoid drying if wearing for long hours. Finish with a clear lip gloss to achieve a dramatic shine! Paramedical Camouflage Foundation Eye and Lip Primer Vitamin E Lipstick Super Gloss (Clear) What It Is Heavy Duty Concealing Creme Foundation Neutralizing Eye & Lip Primer Base Waterproof Intensive Healing Treatment for Dry & Chapped Lips Lip Gloss Tube - Ultra Brilliant Non-Sticky Formula Color 16 1 (Universal) 1 (Universal) 10