JoySpring Calmify 1 fl oz (30 ml)

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Kids Herbal FormulaCalming SupportDietary SupplementGMPTrue Alcohol FreeSugar FreeVeganGluten FreeNow think about when the kids are hyped up on sugar and crackling with boundless energy and NOTHING youre doing is helping them calm down. Do you know that feeling? Meet Calmify.Designed to help:relieve anxiety and nervesstabilize energypromote relaxationimprove sleepsoothe and comfortChamomile Calm: Scientifically formulated to calm the nervous system and promote relaxation Calmify is made with Chamomile Spearmint Passion Flower Hops and Magnesium."When Will We Get There?": Calmify is great for school sleep emotion regulation and traveling! Give your child a dose of these soothing drops to relax him or her when its time to wind down. The liquid chamomile formula quickly & effectively brings peace to a chaotic household.Parent Approved: Sugar-free gluten-free & preservative-free these kids calming drops are preferred among parents who choose to practice holistic healing. Our drops include all the good stuff & none of the bad.