Little Toes Natural Bamboo Baby Wipes (Pack of 75)

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Little Toes Natural Bamboo Fiber Baby Wipes are made from 100% natural bamboo fibers which are organically extra soft and super strong naturally hypoallergenic with properties that reduce or eliminate odor-causing bacteria. These newborn essentials must haves are alcohol and PAPA/paraben free with no artificial fragrances or perfumes. Our selection of bulk baby wipes includes our 12 packs of the convenient 10 and 20 travel packs as well as a 75 soft pack available in two different packaging designs with transparent labelling of ingredients and materials. Little Toes is dedicated to providing parents eco friendly baby products that will protect their babies from harsh chemicals and ensure that there's some Earth left for them to inherit. Whichever you choose you will always have a handy baby wipe to clean up any mess your baby gets into! Our bamboo baby wipes are so versatile that they are not just for babies they are great for easy adult cleanup as well.