Melitta Percolator Wrap-Around Coffee Filters White 40 Count (Pack of 12 480 Total Filters)

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Our founder Melitta Bentz invented coffee filters and pour-over brewing in 1908. For over 100 years Melitta has remained a pioneer in coffee coffee filters and coffee brewers. Our paper filters are 100% biodegradable. We offer filters for cone flat bottom basket percolators and Keurig single serve coffee brewers. Our filters are produced using chlorine-free white natural brown and bamboo paper. In addition to filters we offer a wide range of coffees and brewers including pour- overs carafes pour-over kits coffee makers kettles drip coffeemakers and even our own premium batch-roasted coffee. Our coffee beans are sourced from farms located in prime coffee-producing regions. We batch roast and grind our beans extra fine in true European fashion - bringing out the coffee's full flavor. Enjoy our entire range of ground coffees whole bean coffees and single serve coffee pods.