Moresoo Tape in Extensions Brown Hair Extensions Human Hair 18 Inch Seamless Tape in Hair Extensions 20pcs Invisible Skin Weft Double Sided Tapes #2 Darkest Brown Tape in Straight Hair 50g

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Moresoo hair from the original heart——Bring you more beauty and confidence. How to Re-taping PREPARING THE HAIR TO BE RE-TAPED Step 1: Using acetone spray the piece of tape on the sticky side and use your fingers to massage in. Using your fingernails has been removed from the hair extension piece. Often there is a significant amount of tape still attached to each piece which must be removed. Step 2: Once the remainder of the tape has been removed from each piece the hair extensions must be thoroughly washed using hair extensions suitable shampoo. Step 3: Once the hair extensions have been washed they must be thoroughly dried and straightened before you begin the retaping process. RETAPING YOUR HAIR EXTENSIONS Step 1: Take 1 piece of your hair extensions and lay flat on a clean surface. Step 2: Peel away one piece of tape from the tape tab sheet or cut a piece of tape from your tape roll to the exact width of the hair extension piece. Step 3: Carefully place the new tape piece directly where the original tape was applied. Leaving the reverse sticker still in place. Step 4: Your hair extensions are now retaped and ready to be used. You can leave the sticker in place to protect the glue until you are ready to fit your new hair extensions. 100G tape in extension Balayage tape in extension Lace clip in extension Seamless Clip in extension Micro loop human hair extension Grams 100 Grams 50 Grams 70-100 Grams 120 Grams 50 Grams Pieces/strands 40 Pieces 20 Pieces 5-7Pieces 7 Pieces 50 Strands Full Head 1-2 Packs 2-4 Packs 1-2 Packs 1-2 Packs 2-4 Packs