Moss Pole - Soporte de planta de ttem de coco 26 4 pulgadas 2 palitos de coco

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Totem Monkey - Coir Totem Poles Train your plants to grow upwards and benefit from more natural light. Suitable for both short and tall plants. Use the poles individually or stacked-up together. Improve your home decor by creating a personal indoor jungle Easy and fast installation following a simple 4-steps process Coconut fiber material that provides a good grip for the aerial roots Sturdy wood stick and strengthened PVC inner shell Extendable design that allows poles to be stacked as the plant grows Step 1 Insert the wood stake into the soil close to the plant’s stem. Step 2 Secure plant to stick using the included paper twist ties. Step 3 Watch your plant as it grows taller and happier. Step 4 Use secondary pole to extend the original pole’s height if required. DISCLAIMER - Due to the manual nature of the manufacturing process the size of the poles can vary slightly.