Mossop's Manuka Honey UMF 15+

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We are the first company to import Manuka Honey to the U.S. over 30 years ago. We are continuing to meet the ever-growing demand among retailers distributors and consumers for unique natural resources found in the entirely GMO-free paradise that is New Zealand. PRI is continually-expanding its range of Manuka Honey and their ever growing Manuka Honey products including Caramels Chocolates Nuggets and Lozenges. PRI is a leading importer of fine foods body care and health care products such as clean Pacific Sea Salt from very respected New Zealand family brands as Arataki Nelsons Honey Mossops Honey Dominion Salt and many more. We continue to grow thanks to a special combination of high quality products consumer brand loyalty and mutually productive relationships with our valued industry partners. We thank you for your support and look forward to working with you. THE MAGIC OF MANUKA In her BBC News article “Harnessing Honey’s Healing Power " Angie Knox quotes biochemist Professor Peter Molan about Manuka Honey: "It works on bacteria fungi & protozoa. We haven't found anything it doesn't work on among infectious organisms." True to Professor Molan’s words Manuka Honey is widely believed to not only treat minor wounds and burns but to: Help lower cholesterolHelp reduce systemic inflammationHelp treat diabetesHelp reduce ear eye and sinus infection symptomsHelp reduce gastrointestinal problems Hydrogen peroxide is a component of most raw honeys and is responsible for the antibiotic benefits most honeys provide. Most types of honey also have components with antibacterial qualities but only Manuka Honey contains methylglyoxal (MG) one of the key UMF (Unique Manuka Factors) qualities. Indeed the higher the concentration of MG the more powerful the antibiotic effect which is one reason honey producers have developed a scale for rating the UMF potency of Manuka Honey. Therapeutic abilities start with 5+ either UMF or Bio Active. The advantage of higher grades is that less honey can be used for the same results for everyday conditions. For extreme conditions a 10+ UMF or higher is recommended. There are many ways of grading Manuka Honey devised by manufacturers to show that their honey is the purest and most potent. MG OR MGO MG MGO or Methylglyoxal is a chemical compound found in Manuka honey which is thought to be responsible for the additional anti-bacterial properties. By itself an MG test isn’t robust enough as it can be fooled by flash heating the honey or by adding synthetic MG. WHAT USED TO BE KNOWN AS BIO ACTIVE The honey used to be tested in a petri dish against phenol. The numbers in the scale related to the equivalent % strength of phenol when killing bacteria. This method of testing is no longer performed. UMF This represents the unique signature compounds characteristic of this honey which ensure purity and quality. These include: the key markers of Leptosperin DHA and Methylglyoxal. We have our own scale honey which uses the old numbers (e.g. 5+ 10+) from “Bio Active” tests but we now use MG and Leptospirin levels to calculate these numbers instead. We also carry a range of UMF rated Manuka Honey. POLLEN COUNT Pollen count has traditionally been used to determine if a honey is to be considered monofloral. Very often this is quoted as a percentage. This method falls short when it comes to grading Manuka as the cost of Manuka continues to rise.. For example if you were to blend Manuka honey with a low pollen honey such as Honeydew (nectar comes from aphids) then you can still get a high percentage of Manuka Pollen even though the percentage of Manuka Honey is relatively low. Gourmet Multiflora Honey A distinctive blend of pure GM Free honeys sourced from New Zealand’s clean and green forests and pastures. Multiflora Honey is processed using state-of-the-art equipment and world-renowned “creamed” honey technique to create a honey with a beautifully smooth texture. The honey is cool processed (raw) to retain all of its natural properties. Australian Raw Organic Honey Collected straight from the hives in New South Wales Australia is unpasteurized unprocessed and unfiltered packed full of all the natural goodness raw honey has to offer. Our honey is so pure that it retains some of the propolis wax and pollen which are extremely beneficial for your health and well-being. Honey Australia’s Certified Raw Organic Honey is harvested and produced under USDA regulations. Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey Australian Leatherwood Honey comes from the island of Tasmania. The leatherwood tree is unique to the rainforest regions of the islands west coast. The leatherwood trees don't start flowering until they are 80 - 100 years old. Leatherwood honey has a smooth creamy texture and a spicy buttery taste with tones of citrus and white flowers that melts in the mouth.With its unique aroma and rich full-bodied flavor leatherwood honey is valued by connoisseurs as one of the world’