My Heating Pad for Cramps and Lower Back with Full Body Strap | Perfect Microwave for Sore Muscles, Stress Relief, and Relaxation | American Made Hot Packs for Pain (Purple)

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This product is designed to provide you Hot Therapy for maximum relief of aches and stress that your body builds up and deals with on a daily basis. The pack is adjustable with an elastic strap that fits all sizes and allows you to conveniently wrap the pack around your lower back or stomach. This feature is very beneficial because unlike electric heating pads, this natural heating pad can provide you with the Hot Therapy you need while you`re cooking, relaxing around the house, driving, working on the computer, exercising, and more. Simply heat in the microwave for Heat Therapy. The Pack is ideal for the Lumbar/Lower Back area- back pain, herniated disk pain, arthritis, sore and tense muscles, bruised areas, and more. Stomach/Abdominal area- menstrual cramps, stomach discomfort, sore/tense muscle, and more. Do not settle for another day of aches and discomfort! NOW is the perfect time to try the Adjustable Lumbar Back & Abdomen Heat Pack. Add To Cart and give yourself the gift to a more healthy, active, and comfortable lifestyle today.