Natrol Relaxia Ultimate Calm 30 Capsules

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Reduces Occasional Stress Anxiety & Tension Feel Calm and BalancedDietary Supplement 100% Drug Free Non-Habit Forming Vegetarian Natrol®Relaxia helps you better manage your stress.Reduce Stress Ashwagandha Feel Calm L-theanine Feel Balanced Lemon Balm Relaxed Mood 5-HTP Relaxia will get you on your way to a much better day.Fast Acting Formula to Manage Daily Stress Helps manage occasional stress anxiety and tension. It is specially formulated with a blend of calming herbals that help you feel calm and balanced throughout the day.Ashwagandha - supports the bodys ability to resist the effect of everyday stress. 5-HTP- supports serotonin which helps enhance mood L-Theanine - ensures relaxation without drowsiness Lemon Balm - helps restore a sense of calm and balance