Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Forehead Thermometer for Adults, Kids Instant Readings Fever Alarm.

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This thermometer is intended for YOUR SAFETY AND HEALTH. Non-contact Avoid cross infection.measurement forehead temperature at home or hospital including infants children and adults.For the safety reason children or the baby s temperature must be measured by parent or adults.?Main Features?? Using IR sensor infrared temperature measuring probe?High measurement accuracy and more stable performance?With high measurement temperature (threshold can be set) sound prompt function? Backlit liquid product (LED) digital display? Fahrenheit and Celsius mode selection? Auto power off function (saving electricity consumption)? Small product reasonable structure convenient operation- Multi-function: Body mode  surface mode available- Fever Alarm: Beep sound and back-lit alarm- 3 Colors back-lit intelligent judge fever- Memory: 99 measurement records- C/F readout available-Large LCD display: Visual area 31*42mm?Body mode?32.0-37.4"C (86.0-99.3"F) Green37.5-37.9"C (99.5-100.2"F) Orange38.0 43.0"C (100.4-109.4F) RedSurface mode will always keeps Green?Please Kindly Note?1. Please do not touch the infrared probe with your fingers.2. Please do not place the product at a temperature higher than 55C or lower than thetemperature of the pole mouth of 20C:3. Do not expose the infrared probe to sunlight and diffuse into the water.4. It is forbidden to leave the product exposed to any chemicalsolvent direct sunshine orhigh temperature.5. Don' t expose the thermometer under direct sunlight long timeso as not to damaged thebattery.6. Do not measure while talking on the phone.7.Cause the packaging is shipped by air we can't offer battery in the product package please purchase 2 AAA batteries separately.