Nski LED Teeth Whitening Light Accelerator Bleaching Lamp 6000mw/c㎡ YS-TW-A Worldwide US Stock Sold by East Dental.

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Model:YS-TW-A Teeth Whitening UnitTECHNICAL PARAMETERS 1. Power supply: AV220V±10% 50HZ 2. Power: 18W 3. Light size: 18x74mm2 4. Power density: >60MJ/CM2 5. Light timing: 0~20 mins 6. Power instability <1% 7. Working method: time output & continuous working 8. Coupling: polyester monowaveUSE METHOD 1. Connect power source and turn it on. 2. The machine is in stand-by after a prompt sound of buzzing. Position "1" would be showed glinting "20". 3. Adjust the operation time by "time up/time down" adjust range from 1 to 20 minutes. 4. Alarm sound after pressing "start" and a strong blue light transmitted from the light guide of terminal time display is counting down. 5. Alarm sounds for 5 seconds after countdown finished blue light extinguish.Transportation and storage 1. Lay lightly during transportation avoid strong shake. 2. Storage condition: a. Ambiance temperature: -40 ~ 55°c b. Relative humidity: ?95%