Dentemp Ora-GUARD Custom Fit Dental Guard - Bruxism Night Guard for Teeth Grinding - Mouth Guard for Clenching Teeth at Night - Comfortable Mouth Guard for Sleeping - Relieve Soreness in Jaw Muscles

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Ora-guard is a new take on dental grind guards and nighttime teeth protection. Most other products rely on ?soft surface barriers? to keep teeth from grinding together at night. The problem is that this soft material doesn?t allow your teeth and jaws to move naturally meaning you still end up with a sore tmj muscle in the morning. Worse yet the soft material breaks down quickly under the intense pressure of heavy teeth grinding meaning the life of these devices can be measured in weeks. Ora-guard uses soft medical grade material to provide a cushion during clenching but is built around a patented hard surface design that allows your teeth and jaws to slide down and forward naturally protecting your teeth from the damaging effects of grinding and avoiding the ?tension pain? in the tmj muscle. NOTE: CONSUMERS WHO RESIDE IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA - The state of California mandates a Proposition 65 warning label on products that may contain ingredients that are listed on the Proposition 65 list. This requirement enables California residents to make informed purchase decisions based on this information. The Ora-GUARD is FDA cleared and is constructed of materials that have a long history of safe use in bruxism guards. To comply with California Proposition 65 regulations a warning label is applied to the packaging which reads "Warning: This product contains BPA a chemical known to the state of California to cause reproductive harm in women."