Pinkiou Hair Stroked Microblading Pen Silver Embroidery Manual Eyebrow Tattoo Pen 5 Pieces For Permanent Makeup Supplies PMU Tool

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About Pinkiou Pinkiou is a US registered Brand all Pinkiou products are sold exclusively by Pinkiou Store. We are professional provider in beauty and health product for 6 years. --If you have any question about the product you received please contact Pinkiou Official website without hesitation. We would try our best to help you and improve your purchasing experiences. Feature 1.Used for various brow handmade decorative techniques such as embroidery cross-stitch carving row etc. 2.Patent needles lock system pen applied to fulfill body carved art reveal uncommon professional brows. Ergonomic and lightweight eyebrow tattoo pens! Designed to prevent accidents our non-skid microblading pencil set will make your job easier! 3.Our Microblading aluminum pens are universally compatible with all your needles (from round shaping blades to U blades and regular 7-17 blades)! 4.Using our Microblading pen to ehance the quality and reputation of your permanent makeup service and business. Description UNLIKE ALL THOSE CHEAPLY-MADE Microblading PENS Pinkiou microblade pens are made from sturdy aluminum alloy 100% autoclaveable and individually Gift Box packaged for maximum safety!Processional Aluminum anodizing technology gives this pen an unparalleled shaning look.Excellent stability less vibration.Needle is made of top quality grade stainless steel. How to insert the needles into eyebrow tattoo pen: 1. Unscrew the pen tip 2. Pull out the needle solt from the tip 3. Insert the needle into needle solt from the side 4. Adjust the length of the needle depends on your needs 5. Put it back into tip after inserting the needle 6. Screw on the pen tip Function: The needles could be used with paste pigment of different colors. Excellent for eyeliner eyebrows lip liner full lip color scar camouflaging reconstruction and tattooing. Note: Microblading needles did not included