Plixio Memory Foam Seat Cushion and Lumbar Back Support Pillow- Chair Pillow for Sciatica Coccyx Back & Tailbone Pain Relief - Orthopedic Chair Pad for Support in Office Desk Chair and Car Seat

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Most people spend hours a day sitting down whether working in front of a computer commuting to and from work or resting at home after a long day. Sitting should be comfortable and should take pressure off of your feet and legs but for those who suffer from back shoulder or neck pain sitting can cause discomfort rather than relief. The key to making sitting comfortable again is to relieve pressure in the correct places. Plixio?s lumbar support seat cushion helps promote proper spinal alignment alleviating pressure from affected areas in the back. Most chiropractors recommend posture correcting support pillows to help promote proper sitting posture to maintain spinal health and to help make sitting comfortable again. Our lumbar pillows are made with a firm memory foam that offers the perfect amount of support without feeling rigid. Your body will fit into the ergonomically designed shape of the pillow and receive the right amount of cushion. To compliment our lumbar pillow we designed a memory foam coccyx pillow that features a U-shaped design and a contoured surface. At the rear of the cushion there is a small cut out which leaves the coccyx more commonly known as the tailbone hovering over the sitting surface. This in turn eliminates any pressure from the surrounding areas. Along with the signature U-shaped design of the coccyx pillow this seat cushion utilizes a contoured surface to help distribute weight evenly throughout the thighs hips and buttocks. Those suffering from a bulging or herniated disk broken tailbone coccdynia or pain from pregnancy or post-partum complications may find comfort by relieving pressure in these areas. Our ergonomic back rest cushion and coccyx cushion will fit almost any office chair car seat or wheel chair. Whether you're looking for relief during a long flight or while at work these pillows will provide personalized support wherever you plan you use them.