Plixio Memory Foam Seat Cushion - Chair Pillow for Sciatica Coccyx Back & Tailbone Pain Relief - Orthopedic Chair Pad for Support in Office Desk Chair Car Wheelchair & Airplane

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Sitting is meant to offer the body relief and a way to rest. However many people who have suffered an injury or have developed back pain over the years find that sitting can increase pressure on affected areas and cause more pain than comfort. The key to making sitting enjoyable again is to relieve pressure in the correct places.

Plixio's memory foam coccyx pillow features a U-shaped design and a contoured surface. At the rear of the cushion there is a small cut out which leaves the coccyx more commonly known as the tailbone hovering over the sitting surface. This in turn eliminates any pressure from the surrounding areas.

Along with the signature U-shaped design of the coccyx pillow this seat cushion utilizes a contoured surface to help distribute weight evenly throughout the thighs hips and buttocks. This in turn will help promote proper spinal alignment and help alleviate any back pain by taking pressure off of the coccyx.

This pillow is commonly used by people who are experiencing:

  • Back pain due to an injury herniated or bulging disc
  • A broken or fractured tailbone or pain from coccydynia
  • Pain due from pregnancy or from post-partum complications
  • Pain numbness or discomfort after sitting for long periods of time
  • Sciatica in the legs lower back or hips

Where it can be used:

  • On commutes: Cars buses airplanes
  • At the office: In desk chairs or uncomfortable office seats that need extra padding
  • In wheelchairs or mobility scooters

Every coccyx pillow comes with a full three-year warranty that protects against any damage or defects. If your pillow goes flat send it back for a FREE replacement.

If you are looking for a softer cushion please check out our standard seat cushion.