Propane Torch Weed Burner Torch,Blow Torch? flamethrower?Weed Torch with Push Button Igniter and 6.5 ft Hose Outdoor Torch Kit -Ideal for burning weeds, melting ice and snow, pipes, Roofing, Roads

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WEED TORCH PROPANE BURNER The torch ignited the fire soon Tired of removing weeds from your garden? Does weed in your garden keeps coming back even after removing them from the roots? Then its high time you use our weed torch. LARGE NOZZLE Weed Torch Propane Burner 500,000 BTU output provides the fiery power you need to get the job done. heats-up to over 3000° F with ease Burn weed,burning roof asphalt Melting, Soldering, Snow Melting, Paint Removal, Wood Fire Starting, and Searing,it`s ideal for home, garden, farm, industrial and construction use. Operation introduction Rotary Switches Rotary switch The knob-adjustable valve allows you to better control the size and intensity of the flame. Just twist the integrated voltage regulator for easy work Handle switch Handle switch The turbo jet trigger allows you to control the flame with one hand, it easy to operate. For harsh applications, please activate the turbo trigger to really increase the heat. Button ignition Button ignition Piezoelectric ignition to ensure safety. One-key ignition is very convenient. Solve ignition troubles. No need to look for a lighter outdoors. Tube and torch connector Connector This weed torch comes with 6.5 FT long hose ?WORKING PSI: 350 lbs. Fitted with a 7/8`-14 T P I? left hand male propane bottle connection with a steel tip diameter of 2 3/8”. before use Before weeding outdoors After use After weeding outdoors As the firepower of PROPANE BURNER is too strong, please use it outdoors. Package Weight: 1150 g? Package Dimensions (L*W*H): 710*132*72 MM / 28*5.2*2.83 Inches Package Including: 1 x Torch Welding Gun 1 x Gas Pipe 1 x description