TagBand- Skin Tag Remover Device for Large Skin Tags (Includes 10x Removal Bands & Cleansing Wipes) Application in Minutes

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TagBand's patent pending design is the only skin tag removal device available on the marketplace with its clever innovative design allowing for quick and safe skin tag removal. TagBand works by stopping the skin tags blood supply and results can be seen within just a few days of applying a band. The bands are suitable for medium to large sized skin tags. The TagBand kit is suitable for skin tags with a widest point of 4mm-6mm. TagBand is designed to be used on skin tags on the face and body but we wouldn't recommend using it around the sensitive eye area. All orders come boxed and include 1 x TagBand cone 1 x TagBand remover 10 x TagBands 10 x cleansing swabs and easy to understand instructions. Warnings: The bands contained within this kit are made of rubber and are not suitable for anyone with a rubber allergy. This kit is not intended for use on any other skin conditions such as warts or moles. In all cases please consult a doctor before use. This product is not suitable for children.