Kids Golf Set Golf Cart with Wheels | 4 Colorful Golf Clubs 3 Balls 2 Practice Holes with Flags & 2 Golf Tees | Toddler Golf Set Sports Toy Kit for Boys & Girls

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The TeganPlay Golf Set Toy will give your kids hours of golf time. A great beginner set allows your child practice and learn the golf techniques on a light-weight and safe toy golf clubs setSet includes:4 clubs (20")3 balls (1.5")2 holes with flags2 golf teesGolf cart with wheels (24.5")Benefits:Role-play activity helps develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination.Children are exposed to golf when they are young and develop their child's attention and patience by accepting golf peer-to-peer training. Golf is an elegant exercise that cultivates children's decency and social etiquette. With standard golf moves the height of the child can be significantly increased and the bad posture of the hump can be corrected.