TERNENCE Ergonomic Design Chastity Device Male Virginity Lock Chastity Belt Adult Game Sex Toy S140 (1.57 inch / 40mm)

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Why choose TERNENCE products.
The quality of the product comes from ultra-fine hand-grinding.
A perfect surface finish is guaranteed.
Very smooth, it will not damage your Skin.

Real stainless steel. No chrome plating and no nickel plating. Just hand-polished,
more comfortable and hypoallergenic .
It is the ergonomic design, easy to wear, Curved ring, more comfortable than common chastity device.
stealth lock, more convenient, no sound of metal colliding with each other, more to protect your privacy.

We highly recommend that you measure yourself first.

Cage: 1.25 Inch in length, 1.26 Inch in diameter.
3 size for choose based on inner diameter of the clamp ring.
Ring Sizes: 1.57 Inch , 1.77 Inch, 1.97 Inch (for your choice).

Cleaning: Use a mild soap or body wash and clean it with a soft towel or brush (toothbrush).

Discontinue use immediately if irritation or discomfort occurs.

Due to the different production batches, the products may be slightly different.
If you have any problem during using, please contact us . Thank you!