The BATCLIP (Black) - Premium Leather Handmade Clip-on Stethoscope Hip Holder; no More Neck Carrying Loss or Misplacement. Proudly Carry Your high-end Stethoscope with Taste and Style.

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BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS. The BATCLIP is the genuine article! Tired of carrying your stethoscope on your neck or misplacing it after setting it down? Want a solution that reflects the profiency symbolized by your stethoscope?

The BATCLIP is an elegant handmade holder that secures your stethoscope for quick access and trouble-free carrying.Two leather wings lined with hook-and-loop material (the same industrial grade "Velcro" used in blood pressure cuffs) hold your scope securely alongside your hlp. A military-grade metal clip firmly attaches the BATCLIP to your belt pants or scrubs.


First clip on the empty BATCLIP. The optimal place to attach the BATCLIP is at the midaxillary line on the left hip clipped to a belt or pant waistband. (The metal clip can be used with scrubs but may need padding - knuckle bandage or similar - if the clip lies against bare skin.) Placement on the left hip ensures that the opening leather wing is facing backward so that it cannot get caught on anything that would inadvertently pull it open.

Midaxillary placement allows the BATCLIP to be out of the way when sitting walking running or boarding an ambulance or helicopter. Too far forward and it gets in the way of things like a pants pocket grasping hand or doorknob. Too far back and it impedes comfortable seating. Thus midaxillary line is usually best. (For those with wide hips placement slightly behind the midaxillary line is sometimes more comfortable.)

Second get the stethoscope ready for holstering into the BATCLIP by tucking the head (the diaphragm and bell) of the stethoscope inside the top of the round space made by pushing both earpiece arms together (see photos). Open the two BATCLIP wings place the head-and-earpiece assembly inside and close the wings so that the stethoscope head lays on top of the wings. The stethoscope tubing should hang below the BATCLIP.