The Birth Ball - Birthing Ball for Pregnancy & Labor - 18 Page Pregnancy Ball Exercises Guide by Trimester - Non Slip Socks - How to Dilate Induce Reposition Baby for Mom 65cm

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Package Contents
1 Birth Ball 65cm - Pregnancy Ball for Birthing Exercise and Post Pregnancy Baby Soothing
1 Pair Non Slip Socks (One size fits all) - Help Baby Drop in Position without the dangers of slipping
18 Page Pre-and-Post Labor Guide By Trimester and Post Pregnancy with illustrations and detailed walk-throughs
Convenient Hand Pump - Foot Pumps are clunky and pop out during use. Makes pumping faster and simpler
"Go Bag" - Be Ready to Take Your Ball to The Hospital on The Big Day or Carry it With You Wherever you Need to Go
Extra Plugs

You won't have to search Youtube or read tutorials on how to use an exercise ball to induce labor. No need to comb through forums on how to help baby drop. Throughout the process The Birth Ball 18 page exercise guide will instruct you with visuals and step by step positioning of your body to help you into labor into birth and post pregnancy. A safe and smooth process through pregnancy awaits! Get your Birth Ball and be prepared!
These are ways to utilize your pregnancy ball throughout the process. Remember The Birth Ball guide walks you through each of these steps and many more with illustrations and detailed instructions:

Prior to labor Reposition baby in the whom using The Birth Ball. Use The Birth Ball to Induce Labor.
During labor use of The Birth Ball has been proven to help induce birth faster than medication alone.
After birth sitting with baby and using a rocking motion mimics the sensation of the whom - calming baby when other methods fail. Endorsed by a labor and delivery nurse and child birth educator (RNC-OB C.C.E.S) with over 35 years of experience. Meg Serraro has delivered thousands of babies and recommends The Birth Ball as an essential tool for any pregnant mother.

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