TheraBand Mini Ball Small Exercise Ball for Yoga Pilates Abdominal Workouts Shoulder Therapy Core Strengthening At-Home Gym & Physical Therapy Tool New Version

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The 9" TheraBand Mini Ball is used by physical therapists athletic trainers personal trainers and other professionals in rehab clinics and gyms for post-surgery strengthening and exercise. This soft ball is made from PVC material and supports a range of varied and effective exercises designed to increase core back shoulder and full body strength. Tactile stretchy material makes the ball responsive to the touch and non-slip when placed against a hard surface. It is perfectly suited for users of all ages and versatile enough to be incorporated into any strength conditioning or toning routine. TheraBand makes a variety of similar products designed to facilitate rehabilitation and recovery including resistance bands and tubing large exercise balls Flexbars soft weights and countless other useful home workout essentials.