TheTwelve Kids Toothbrush for 3-8 Years Rainbow Colors and Packs 12 PACK

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What a delight for children who are learning to brush their teeth. These fun colorful kids toothbrushes will make learning fun EXTRA SOFT BRISTLES - The extra soft bristles on our kids toothbrushes make for a pleasant experience when they are just starting out on oral hygiene THOROUGH CLEANING - The raised tip on these toothbrushes allow for thorough brushing. No need to ask if they missed a spot The head of the twelve toothbrush is made from combination of two materials BPA-free plastic and food-grade silicone. This is to protect kids soft gums and to use the head as a tongue cleaner. To combine these two materials we didn?t use the bonding agent which can be hazardous for children we adopted the structural bonding technique. A kid who has a tendency to chew on the brush head might as well hurt their teeth or gums if they use the plastic toothbrush. Since we didn?t use the bonding agent chewing the head might cause the silicone part falling off in small pieces butplease note that the pieces coming out in size of choking hazard is structurally impossible and the material is food-grade and non-toxic. In case chewing and breaking down of the head is noticed make them stop using that toothbrush and teach your kids not to bite the brush head. The dentist association recommend not to chew on hard things such as toothbrushes to protect your teeth gums and temporomandibular(jaw) joint.