Tongue Scraper Cleaner - the Tongue Cleaner - End Bad Breath and Freshens Breath - Eliminate Bad Breath - Bad Breath Treatment (Color May Vary)

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Widely regarded as the leader in quality and effectiveness. Pureline Oralcare is a primary supplier of tongue cleaners to dentists and dental hygienists. Scientific studies confirm that the primary cause of bad breath is odor-causing bacteria on the tongue. Primarily during sleep the tongue accumulates this unpleasant plaque film which is why fresh breath is difficult to maintain even after brushing your teeth. This bacteria can also lead to periodontal disease and other oral health problems. The Tongue Cleaner is scientifically designed to effectively clean the tongue. Enjoy fresh breath and a clean healthy mouth along with restored taste. Prevent oral hygiene problems before they develop. Quick and easy to use. Make this part of your daily oral care program. Once you use it you wont be without it