UGREEN RCA Cable 2RCA to 3.5mm Male Stereo Audio Adapter Braided Hi-Fi Sound RCA

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RCA Cable 2 Male RCA to 3.5mm Stereo Audio Adapter RCA Y Splitter AUX RCA Y Cord Dual RCA Cable Car Audio Aux Cable Practical 3.5mm to 2RCA Stereo Audio Cable * Bi-Directional Audio Streaming: The Twin RCA to Headphone Jack Cable can deliver music between Aux devices and 2RCA(Red and White) devices. The 2RCA to 3.5mm Jack Cable allows you to enjoy a wonderful stereo sound experience. * Perfect Replacement: The Nylon Braided Stereo Jack to 2RCA Cable is the ideal replacement audio cable for your Red & White or aux devices. Cotton Braided Cable This RCA to 3.5mm lead is built to last forever. 10000+ bend lifespan & cotton nylon brained make 3.5 to RCA audio cable improve the durability and flexibility. UGREEN Aux to 2RCA audio cable could withstand any twist tug and tangle. Multi Shielded Design UGREEN RCA to 3.5mm Aux cable features tin-plated pure copper cable and multiple shieldings provides premium stereo audio and protection against radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI). Reliable Connector The corrosion-resistant gold-plated connectors protect your signal from interruption and ensure stable high-quality sound. Stable performance of this dual shielded aux RCA Y cord makes the audio transmission clear without noise. Fit All Devices of 3.5mm or 2RCA (Red and White) Audio Ports 3.5mm Devices: * Compatible with iPod iPad MacBook PC laptops smartphones tablet; * Compatible with Walkman Discman MP3/MP4 players; 2RCA Devices: * Compatible with Amplifier Speaker TV Car Radio DVD AV receiver; * Compatible with Subwoofer Dolby Digital Receiver DTS Decoder Mini Disk. 2 Male RCA to 3.5mm Stereo Cable 2RCA to 3.5mm Male Stereo Audio Cable 3.5MM Male to 2 RCA Female Cable 3.5mm Female to 2 RCA Male Stereo Audio Cable 3.5mm Male to 2RCA Female Adapter 2RCA Male to Male Cable Material Aluminium+PVC Zinc Alloy+Nylon Braided PVC PVC PVC Aluminium+PVC Connector Gender 2 Male RCA to 3.5mm Male 2 Male RCA to 3.5mm Male 2 Female RAC to 3.5mm Male 2 Male RCA to 3.5mm Female 3.5mm Male to 2RCA Female 2RCA Male to Male Length 6 Feet 6 Feet 7.8inch 7.8inch 0.8 Feet 6 Feet Color Black Black Black Black Gray Black