Universal Hair Diffuser Hair Dryer Diffuser Attachment for Curly and Natural to

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Make Your Life Easier and More Beautiful! Make Styling Simple. Make styling your natural curls or waves easily.Stunning Hairstyle. Our hair diffuser reduces frizz boosts volume defines curls and enhances shine. Protect Your Hair. It can dry the curls with indirect heat no need to worry about being too close to the hair dryer and getting burned.Save Your Time. The honeycomb-designed diffuser gives the heat a more even and larger distribution area help you to dry your hair much faster!Ideal Gift. This hair diffuser would be a great gift for females on Birthday Mother's Day Anniversary and Christmas. Professional Hair Diffuser Features Universal hair diffuser suitable for 1.4" - 2.6" blow dryers. Matches over 99% of the different hair dryer designs. It can help with curls/natural waves and keeping the frizz down. Deeper and bigger bowl adds maximized volume to a frizz-controlled head of hair. New rotary-elastic design with a locking button. The buckle is made of 3 upgraded high quality silicone mats for greater strength and doesn't damage your hair dryer. Kindly Notes: Make sure the diameter of your bolwer's nozzle is between 1.4-2.6 inch. Package includes: 1 x Hair Diffuser; 1 x Shampoo Brush. Easy To Install 1. Hold the top of the diffuser with both hands and rotate it counterclockwise; 2. Rotate to enlarge the opening then the button will bounce; 3. Place your blow dryer in and stay firmly in place; 4. Press the snap button and secure it. Suggestions for Using Diffuser to Dry Your Hair 1. Wash your hair and massage your scalp gently with a shampoo brush. 2. Dry your hair with a soft towel gently. 3. Install the diffuser and turn on the blower place diffuser near your hair's roots until your roots are dry. Advice: In order to protect your hair scalp please set your blow dryer with Medium or Low Heat when using.