Vega Essentials Plant Based Protein Powder Chocolate Vegan Superfood Vitamins Antioxidants Keto Low Carb Dairy Free Gluten Free Pea Protein for Women and Men 21.6 oz (17 Servings)

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Vega Essentials Chocolate Protein Powder has the nutritional building blocks to help you start your day strong with ingredients made from real plant-based foods. Each serving has 20 grams of plant-based protein veggies and greens vitamins and minerals as well as 16% DV fiber and one gram of omega-3 ALA. Vega Essentials vegan protein powder contains all nine essential amino acids from pea protein powder flaxseed and hemp protein. Vega Essentials is non-GMO Project Verified vegetarian vegan certified low-glycemic gluten-free and without dairy or soy ingredients. Try smooth and delicious Vega Essentials in delicious Vanilla Chocolate and Mocha flavors - just blend or shake with water almond milk or other non-dairy alternative or add some fruit to make a meal replacement shake. This product is keto-friendly. We recommend adding coconut oil to your favorite smoothie or shake for a little extra fat. Not a medical food.