Weltron 6 Outlet Black Surge Protector Power Strip Wall Mount 750 Joules Long 20 Foot Cord Cable

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This 6-Outlet black power strip Features a 750-joule 3-line surge-protection rating to protect appliances as well as EMI/ RFI noise filtering and a 20-foot power cord. Includes mounting screws. Easy wall mounting These surge protectors can easily be mounted to walls and surfaces using through the face screw mounting holes. They are suitable in hospitals offices data centers server rooms network operations call centers factories manufacturing plants assembly lines control rooms recording studios schools and classrooms college lecture halls homes conference meeting rooms airports shopping malls and more. Specifications Electrical rating: 125V 60Hz 15a 1875W max. Peak pulse current: 13500a max. Surge clamping voltage: 500v(l-n l-g N-G) max. Surge pulse voltage: 6000v do not disassemble due to the dangers associated with electrical shock Tri-Wing screws are implemented to prevent from accidental injuries.