Whetstone Sharpening stone SHAPTON Ceramic KUROMAKU #5000

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Features : Ideal for finish sharpening such as chisels knives and scissors. There is no feeling of slipperiness which tends to be in the conventional finish grinding and the screwing is good and also the polishing power is excellent. The storage case is easy to carry and also can be used as a sharpener holder. The Shapton Kuromaku Stones are available in 10 Grit sizes easily identifiable by their individual colors : White(120 grit) Moss(220 grit) Blue-Black(320 grit) Orange(1000 grit) Blue(1500 grit) Green(2000 grit) Wine(5000 grit) Melon(8000 grit) Cream(12000 grit) Purple(30000 grit.) This large variation in grit sizes ensures plenty of ways to sharpen your tools allowing you to remove old material with a coarser (lower number) grit or polish and finish an edge with a finer (higher number) grit. Got a knife or a chisel that needs sharpening? perhaps a pair of scissors? Then the Shapton Kuromaku stones are the stones for you! Shapton is a high quality ceramic water stone manufacturer in Japan. We ensure high quality stones with very consistent micron graded particles. For its superior performance and quality Shapton is a world leader in sharpening stones and sharpening accessories. Just pull out the stone splash water on it and start sharpening in under a minute!